SWPSA 2019 Cross Country @Bunbury

SWPSA 2019 Cross Country @Bunbury

On Thursday 1 August, 48 students from Year 3 to Year 6 travelled to Bunbury Cathedral Grammar school to complete in the SWPSA Cross Country. The College team competed against eleven other Primary schools around the region, including Great Southern Grammar from Albany and St Brigid’s in Collie.

We were blessed with a fantastic weather - the sun was shining and all our students ran so well. Year 3 and 4 students ran 1.5km, while students in Years 5 and 6 students completed a 2.3km course. About 75 students participated in each race, so competition was very tough and all our students should be proud of themselves in their efforts.

Special congratulations to Year 4 student Zach Poustie who won the Year 4 Boys race, with Elijah Caruana coming in sixth. Ash Spowart finished second in the Year 5 Boys, followed by James Teasdale in third. Sisters Zoe and L Byrne and Madeleine Harvey all came third in their respective year groups, and Quinn Whitty finished fifth in the Year 4 Girls. Congratulations also to Will Snaddon who finished fourth for the Year 6 Boys.

Thank you to Mr Andrew Culnane for organising the day.


Year 3 Girls:
3 Zoe Byrne
9 Liana Hughes
15 Jessica Hayes
20 Khloe Jennings
50 Jade Gibsone
51 Madison Freestone

Year 3 Boys:
8 Jet Hancock
16 Marley Della Bosca
23 Alfie Culnane
29 Brodie Burrows
54 Nathan Jenkins
58 Ben Cranfield

Year 4 girls:
3 Lucy Byrne
5 Quinn Whitty
13 Evie Elliott
19 Sophie Bennett
25 Milla Monro
48 Tess Williams

Year 4 boys:
1 Zach Poustie
6 Elijah Caruana
22 Noah Fountain
23 Kieran Zahra
50 Cooper Lewis
55 Taj Cross

Year 5 Girls:
3 Madeleine Harvey
16 Macey Bird-Atkinson
34 Mia Van Kleef
40 Nelle Hansen
41 Dayna Bennett
47 Rahni Ferris

Year 5 Boys:
2 Ash Spowart
3 James Teasdale
11 Kalen Bennett
32 Oliver Snedden
45 Wylie Hill
49 Reilly Johnston

Year 6 girls:
18 Chene Cronje
19 Brylee Snaddon
31 Aleysha Athif
34 Janae Snaddon
74 Nicole Aquino

Year 6 boys:
4 Will Snaddon
8 Dash Bridgham
12 Bray Tucker
18 Ryan Armstrong
19 Harry Harding
60 Sean Zahra