Curiosity Academy re-imagines an inclusive history

Curiosity Academy re-imagines an inclusive history

Students from Mr Fabre’s Year 6 class participating in the College’s Gifted and Talented program travelled to Perth last Friday to present at the HASS Week WA Primary Conference Day at the State Library.

The students presented to an audience of teachers and students in an afternoon session titled ‘Student Voice of HASS’, which gave students an opportunity to express themselves by outlining a past, present or future issue within a local, national or global level. There was a strong focus on bringing technology into the classrooms to encourage problem solving and critical thinking skills in students.

Their presentation was entitled ‘Re-Imagining First Contact: if we knew then what we know now’. The students presented their interpretation of what our nation would have been like if Aboriginal people had the right and opportunity to participate in Federation and be considered equal citizens of our country.

The students spent a number of weeks debating and discussing what aspects of our nation may have been different if we had had a more inclusive start to our country becoming a nation. They identified and explored a number of national identity themes such as the national flag, coat of arms and even a more relevant national anthem. They also suggested that we could have learnt from Aboriginal people how to respect and care for the land, perhaps preventing many of the environmental issues we are facing today.

Millie Jasper, Tayla Brown, Gabrielle Christie, Phoenix Tarbotton, Beau Olden and Sabella Banks also took the opportunity to visit some Aboriginal Art exhibitions at the WA Art Gallery, and sat in on presentations by students from other schools during the afternoon.

“Our students were confident public speakers who should be commended on their research, collaboration and presentation skills,” said Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Mrs Catherine Christie. “It was a wonderful experience and opportunity to share learning experiences beyond the classroom.”