First Values

Our school community is committed to fostering a love of learning, the development of the whole person, and openness to meaningful relationships with God, self and others. Our decision making is grounded in our core values — we call these our FIRST principles.

Core values:


  • Supporting a spiritual journey informed by our Catholic Christian tradition, gospel values and a discipleship of ‘faith in action’.
  • We value and provide opportunities to develop faith in self, in others and in God.


  • We are a welcoming community where students have a sense of belonging.
  • We forge strong relationships with the wider community through respectful collaboration.
  • We are committed to including those on the margins and in need, as Mary MacKillop did.


  • We value, support and affirm the unique gifts of each person, and the gift of diversity.
  • We model respect for ourselves and for others in our attitudes and behaviour, and in College policies and practices.
  • We respect and care for the environment in our God-given role as stewards of the earth and its inhabitants.


  • We are guided by our namesake Mary MacKillop, whose commitment to ‘Never see a need without doing something about it’ calls us to serve others.
  • In service of others we choose life in its fullness and realise that it is in giving that we receive.


  • Living authentically from deeply held beliefs about what it means to be human, and to live with faith and purpose.
  • Being genuine about who we are and aspire to be, live our values and ‘walk the talk’.