Year 9 students build bridges at Scitech

Year 9 students build bridges at Scitech

On Thursday 2 August, two teams of three students selected from Year 9 Extension Science travelled to Scitech in Perth to compete in Aurecon’s annual Bridge-Building competition.

Schools from regional and metropolitan areas gather each year to battle it out in the name of prize money and bragging rights. Their task: to construct a stable bridge using balsa wood, packing tube, PVA glue and a reel of string.

The event also promoted the importance of the engineering professions and encouraged students to innovate and create. The two teams of three students designed and built their bridges over the last two weeks. A panel of three Aurecon engineers then tested and judged each bridge on its structural capability as well as creativity and strength.

Team 1 (Christian Scadden, James Williams and Harrison Schmitt) and Team 2 (Tenille Pavlinovich, Joshua Harris and Madeleine Christie) both held their own within the competition, finishing in the middle of the pack of 35 schools.

Students also enjoyed the rest of Scitech’s facilities before and after judging, including a Planetarium viewing and live Science show.

A huge thank you goes to Mr De Francesco for guiding and mentoring the students during the project and accompanying them to Perth.