Primary lunchtime clubs for 2019

Primary lunchtime clubs for 2019

Mindfulness, dance, Lego, chess, yoga and computing - these are some of the interesting activities Primary students can now do during their lunch break at the College, thanks to some passionate and dedicated teachers and Year 6 students.

The week begins with Mindful Mondays in the Library, with relaxing music playing in the background, while students participate in some mindfulness colouring and self-guided reflection. This time gives students an opportunity to think and focus on themselves in a quiet space, or simply take a break from the noise and interaction of the playground. Supervising teacher, Mrs Cassandra Harslett, says, “Mindfulness overall helps students to focus, be more positive and calm, and develop self-confidence.”

For those with a bit more energy on Monday, Miss Sawle shares her passion for dance with a creative hip-hop style dance session in the Hall. “Each week I teach a small dance sequence,” said Miss Sawle, “and then provide an opportunity for students to show off their own moves in a final freestyle session.”

On Tuesdays, students can feed their Lego passion in the Library, or get their hands dirty with Miss Cranley doing experiments or sustainability activities in the indoor or outdoor Science space.

On Wednesdays, Mr Clark’s Year 6 class invites students of all ages to join them in the Library and have a go at some classic and modern card or board games like chess, Scrabble and UNO. Mr Clark said the kids were looking for fun indoor activities, and were also keen to learn some of the classics, such as Gin Rummy and Yahtzee. “Each of these games gets kids developing strategy and problem solving techniques,” he said. “And they’re great for those days when you don’t feel like playing outside.”

Mrs Tilley is holding yoga sessions in the Hall on Wednesdays, where she will go through a range of fun yoga sequences and breathing exercises specifically for children. Mrs Tilley said moving and being aware of their bodies through yoga not only calms the body and mind, but also helps students with self-esteem building and friendships. “Students can even use these techniques in the classroom and at home.”

Thursdays Mrs Milicich holds Choir practice in the Hall, and on Friday lunchtimes students can get their hands on technology and computing with Mr Fabre in Room 6.