Learning an instrument

Students from Year 2 to Year 12 are invited to join the College’s Music Instrumental Program, which offers instrumental and vocal tutoring in individual or group lessons, as well as the opportunity to participate in a variety of College bands and ensembles outside of class time. Students have the opportunity for instrumental tutoring at the College in any of the following instruments: Violin, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Piano/Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Flute or Clarinet as well as Singing. The College has a limited number of instruments available for hire, at a cost of $100 per year. Students using a College instrument must join a College ensemble and undertake tutoring. Tutoring Music tutoring at the College is billed separately and will not appear on your Family Fee Account. Tutors will email a tax invoice before the first lesson, and fees are payable per term directly to the tutor. One term’s notice is required if a student wishes to discontinue lessons, otherwise full payment will be required. Ensembles The following ensembles are also available for students after school: BEGINNER BAND Years 3-8: Tuesdays at lunchtime. This band is designed for students starting to learn a brass or woodwind instrument. These students will use their music lesson books and work as a group learning basics of ensemble playing. No previous experience is necessary, although a weekly instrument lesson is an advantage. This band performs at the Studio Soirees with support from the Senior musicians. COLLEGE JAZZ BAND Years 8-12 (by application): This is the performance band of the College. Students are expected to have a regular instrumental lesson and participate in College events and concerts, as well as representing the College at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival and Presentation Night. These students will be eligible to participate in the Music Tours. COLLEGE CONTEMPORARY BAND Years 7 and 8: This band consists of vocal and instrumental musicians who have an interest in contemporary music. This band performs at the Studio Soirees and College events. VOCAL ENSEMBLES: These are formed as part of the group vocal lessons. They perform at the Studio Soirees as well as participating in the large vocal ensemble for the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. These students will be eligble to participate in Music Tours.

Music Tuition and Bands

  • Please note: Places for some instruments (particulary piano) fill quickly and you may be placed on a waiting list. If you have a second preference please indicate below.
  • Music Tutoring Fees

    Individual instrumental/singing tutoring: $320 per term

    Small group instrumental/singing lessons: $200 per term

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