St Mary MacKillop College presents


To be held at the College Multi-Purpose Room on Wednesday 25 October 2017, we invite you to book to attend this free event.

Being Brave - How to Nurture Resilience and Courage in Young Children (for parents of children aged under 6).

Teaching children how to tap into their courage is one of the best ways to help them soar - and they’re never too young. Learn the language and strategies that will build courage and resilience in your child, so they are even more ready to explore the world and experiment with their very important place in it. The earlier they begin, the more it will become a part of who they are.

9:30am on Wednesday 25 October 2017.

Bolder, Braver, More Resilient - How to Build Courage and Resilience in Children (for parents of children in both Primary and Secondary school).

Many qualities will lead our children into success and happiness, but one of the most powerful of these is courage. Courage to adapt, to embrace challenge, to be curious and kind, to say ‘no', to push past their edges when they feel anxious, small, or unseen, and to ‘bounce back’, dust off and try again when things don’t go as planned. Learn the language and strategies that will encourage brave behaviour and resilience in children, and strengthen them from the inside out.

6:30pm on Wednesday 25 October 2017.

More about Karen Young

As a psychologist, Karen has worked extensively with children, teens and families. More recently, she founded the popular website, Hey Sigmund, after realising the power of solid information when it is placed in the hands of parents, teachers and children. The website attracts millions of readers each year worldwide. Karen is a regular contributor to Parenting Magazine in New Zealand. She can often be heard on Australian radio, and she is a sought-after speaker. Recently, she published ‘Hey Warrior’, a book for kids to help them understand anxiety and find their ‘brave’. Karen has two children and two stepchildren and lives in Brisbane.