Choose life, choose opportunity, have a go and believe in yourself - these are things I learned in my time at MacKillop Catholic College. In my career I have encountered a lot of adversity: ageism, sexism, ego and political agendas. But I believed in myself and I wanted to make a difference. In the end I chose a happier, healthier life for me: one that is exciting, scary and motivating! Much of that decision comes from me knowing who I am and what I want, which I learned from my teachers at MacKillop. I like to remind myself that I am always a student - after school you learn from life. What I gained in my time at MacKillop has helped me to learn from events that have occurred long after I graduated, and continue to learn as my future unfolds.

I really loved my time at MacKillop, and have such nice memories. I even miss it sometimes and wonder how all of the teachers and staff are going. Straight out of school, I studied Actuarial Science for 6 months and had that 'damn it' moment where I realised that my Maths teacher was right: I wasn't suited to being an actuary at all! He said I didn't have the personality for it but I didn't realise it was actually a compliment until I saw it for myself. Now I love what I do.

Financial Planner
MacKillop graduate 2006