Assembly & Awards (5MB): Live Loud

Assembly & Awards (5MB): Live Loud

Ms Barnard’s Year 5 class have been researching notable indigenous Australians in class recently. Their lives as teachers, scientists, politicians, entertainers and athletes may have taken them far away from their traditional home, but they still have a strong relationship with their Country and people. The students displayed their projects and shared some interesting facts about Albert Namatjira, Cathy Freeman, Deborah Mailman, and others, as well as reasons why these people are excellent role models for all Australians.

The class have been learning in class the importance of treating each other with respect and fairness, supporting and cooperating with one another and appreciating our differences. For the assembly, the students re-enacted the delightful story of Zog, from a book by Julia Donaldson. They had created some fabulous costumes and sets for this tale about an accident-prone dragon who struggles to ‘succeed’ according to society, and the ambitious princess who helps him out. The story turns gender stereotypes on their head and challenges children to dare to be different and have the courage to follow your heart.

The assembly concluded with students showing their individual dance moves to the Nathaniel’s 2014 hit ‘Live Louder’. The song encourages students to show all aspects of themselves with confidence, regardless of what others think. Because it’s better to be different and be loved for who we are.


Pre Primary – John Winch-Buist, Jack Denham
Year 1 – Gabriel Reynolds, Alex Avery, Eva West, Lexis Saunders, Sonny Budiselik
Year 2 – Naite Cribb, Khloe Jennings, Zakariya Kardi
Year 3 – Luke House, Amelia Curtis, Jye Simpson, Lola McSevich, Moreton Harslett, Samuele Guzzomi, Lily Rush
Year 4 – Wylie Hill, Lux Paterson, Sam Kelly, Zachary Harrison, Jake Newbold, Emme Chandler, Josh Jenkins
Year 5 – Finnlay Caruana, Audrey McSevich, Bray Tucker, Rhianna Waugh, Chloe Whitely, Sean Zahra, Marshall Philp
Year 6 – Ayla Tarbotton, Ryan O’Neill, D’Arcy Wood, Sienna Whitty, Arabelle Peirce, Rosie Donaldson, Isaac Blacker
AR Reading – Olive Reynolds, Beau Olden, Cael Reid