Slam Series Basketball Carnival 2020: Champions all round

Slam Series Basketball Carnival 2020: Champions all round

On Friday 4 September, our selected Year 6 girls and boys basketball teams competed in the Slam Series Basketball Carnival, held at the Geographe Leisure Centre in Busselton.

This is the second year the Slam Series has been held in Busselton, and this year saw many more schools competing than previous years. Both MacKillop teams this year were undefeated throughout the day, and winners of their grand final matches in convincing fashion. This was fantastic, and was evidence of a massive team effort. Passing was great, as was their team spirit.

Results were as follows:

Girls Boys
vs GMAS A Win 21-2 vs West Busselton Win 34-2
vs Cornerstone Win 19-0 vs GMAS A Win 53-2
Semi Final vs Duns Primary Win 30-6 vs Cornerstone Win 26-3
Grand Final vs GMAS A Win 16-9 Semi Final vs GMAS B Win 26-8
Grand Final vs Duns Primary Win 22-14

Well done to the following players who gave 150% all day, with impressive results, and should be extremely proud of their achievements.

Girls Team Boys Team
1.Ruby Loftus 6RC 1. Kalen Bennet 6RC
2. Lucy Franklin 6RC 2. Reilly Johnstone 6RC
3. Mia Van Kleef 6JL 3. Tyler Bruce 6JL
4. Ruby Guthridge 6JL 4. Wylie Hill 6JL
5. Poppy Morgan 6JL 5. Jacob Collins 6JL
6. Tamika Bayliss 6GM 6. Ash Spowart 6GM
7. Ash Spowart 6GM 7. Jude Foley 6GM
8. Jude Foley 6GM 8. Beau Bennett 6GM

Thanks goes to the Year 9 coaches - John Sutherland and Nick Tucker, Daisy De Morton and Selina Kelly - who did a great job. They were fantastic leaders for the students all day. Also, a massive thanks to Amy Hammond, who organized the day for us.

Mrs Culnane