2021 Athletics Carnival

2021 Athletics Carnival

In week one and three this term, St Mary MacKillop College held its annual Inter-House Athletics Carnival on the College grounds for the Years K-4, 5-8 and the 9-12 students, respectively. The weather contributed to a day that was once again full of House spirit, colour, athleticism, and sportsmanship.

The level of participation and House spirit was extremely impressive, with many students displaying admirable performances in both track and field events. Our students embraced the day and all who attended are to be commended for the way they represented themselves and their house.

Well done to all athletes for your endeavour on the day, your ability to perform in all individual and team events is a credit to your dedication and support of the Carnival. I would also like to extend my congratulations to the year-level champions for your excellent performances throughout the day.

Thank you to all staff, students, and parents for your support at the athletics carnivals. It show-cased not only our talented students, but also our great community at St Mary MacKillop College. We look forward to announcing the Year 7-12 ACC Athletics team soon.

Many thanks,

Brent McDonald
Head of Sport

YEAR Champion Runner-up
Year 3 Girls Sophie Taylor MCCO Mia Murray KIRR
Year 3 Boys Blake Adderson MCCO Finn Graham KELL
Year 4 Girls Aria Clark KIRR Sacha Ryan RUSS
Year 4 Boys Mitchell Baker RUSS Sonny Budiselik KIRR
Year 4 Boys Mitchell Baker RUSS Sonny Budiselik KIRR
Year 5 Girls Zoe Byrne MCCO Ruby Taylor MCCO
Year 5 Boys Marley Della Bosca MCCO Alfie Culnane RUSS
Year 6 Girls Josephine Taylor KELL Lucy Byrne MCCO
Year 6 Boys Noah Fountain KIRR Elijah Caruana MCCO
Year 7 Girls Kendra Thompson RUSS Ruby Guthridge KIRR
Year 7 Boys Chris Nganga KIRR Andrea Roger MCCO
Year 8 Girls Mia Pegoraro MCCO Celeste Lee-Perkin MCCO
Year 8 Boys George Thompson MCCO Thomas Summers KIRR
Year 9 Girls Sabella Banks RUSS Charlize McKeag KIRR
Year 9 Boys Ben Maslin KIRR Max Byrne &
Tomas Marsden MCCO
Year 10 Girls Kara Haynes KIRR Ellie Samsa MCCO
Year 10 Boys Oliver Brooks KELL Harrison McNab KELL
Year 11 Girls Martha Maisey KIRR Brandi Green KIRR
Year 11 Boys Jonte Papas MCCO Ethan Lauro RUSS
Year 12 Girls Ashlee Jarvis KELL Claudia Gillmore KELL
Year 12 Boys Noah Williams MCCO Joshua Maisey KIRR

Final House Points

House Points
1st KIRR 8766
2nd MCCO 8504
3rd KELLY 7948
4th RUSS 7826

New Athletics Records

Gender Year Event Name House Old Record New Record
M 6 Long Jump Elijah Caruana MCCO 3.61m 3.87m
F 5 400m Zoe Byrne MCCO 01:22.3 01:17.9
F 6 400m Lucy Byrne MCCO 01:17.6 01:15.0
M 6 400m Zachary Poustie KELL 01:14.9 01:12.8
M 6 200m Noah Fountain KIRR 32.45 32.06
F 5 100m Sophie Ryan RUSS 15.94 15.88
M 6 100m Noah Fountain KIRR 15.34 14.88
F 7 800m Madeline Harvey MCCO 02:56.0 02:53.6
F 8 100m Ella Robertson KIRR 13.68 13.67
F 9 Discus Tanika Dunlop RUSS 20.14m 21.48m
F 12 Discus Devin Cunningham KIRR 21.97m 22.91m