ACC Swimming Carnival Results

ACC Swimming Carnival Results

C Division ACC Swimming Carnival in Perth

After a month of preparation, the school’s top 60 swimmers boarded the 5am bus to travel to HBF Challenge Stadium in Perth to compete in the ACC C Division Interschool Swimming Carnival.

It was a successful day with all the MacKillop students producing gallant performances in every event. The female contingent was extremely strong on the day with the likes of Madeline Harvey, Olive Reynolds and Macey Bird-Atkinson dominating the U13 Girls with consistent top three placings throughout the day. In the U15s Violet Reynolds was accompanied by Ella Mullally, Samantha Hill and Mia Hughes and absolutely dominated the 4x50m Freestyle Relay. These energetic efforts saw the girls placed equal second in the Junior Girls Division!

We also had some outstanding performances from the senior boys with Taye Wright finishing third in the U16 Age Champion category which included a superb performance in the 50m Backstroke where he placed first in what was an extremely competitive age group. We also saw the end of an era with the senior boys with Indiana Hill, Ashley Spencer, Marc Aquino and Liam Mills swimming their hearts out for the College all day.

Many other students showed plenty of courage throughout the day with some outstanding swimming performances from the likes of Rylee Williamson, Tenille Pavlinovich, Isabelle Triffitt, Asha Hughes, Kaitlyn Taylor, Evie Campbell, Gabrielle Christie, Carson Webster, George Thompson and Nicole Aquino, all putting in a full day of competing.

The team finished fifth overall. This is a commendable result and it is all due to the outstanding coaching of Peter Pavlinovich and Mark Taylor in the lead up to the event. The school is extremely fortunate to have such specialist knowledge and swimming training techniques available to our students. This builds the foundations for a swimming team that can produce high quality performances in a caring environment, and I thank you kindly.

I would also like to mention Jasmine Conlon’s efforts at the carnival, in the No Limits category. She swam 50m freestyle in a time of 1.55 seconds, and 50m breaststroke with a time of 1.47 seconds. Her achievements brought the whole stadium to its feet with MacKillop students in full voice……it really was a very special moment in sport for the College.

A special thanks must also go to Mrs Janet Mullany and the Certificate in Hospitality students, who prepared food very early in the morning to cook amazing breakfasts for the swim team after morning trainings and I can tell you that it was very much valued and enjoyed by our swim team. MKR would be extremely jealous!

Many students managed personal best times and for some, enjoyed their first ACC Swimming experience for the College. I would just like to say to all of our students involved in the ACC Swimming Squad that you did our College proud and produced quality performances in the pool. All students should be congratulated for their efforts on the day as well as their commitment to training sessions leading up to the event.

I am so proud of you all, and this sentiment is replicated from the rest of the PE Department.

“We are MacKillop, Choose Life with Courage”
Mr McDonald

Take the time to scan through the YouTube live stream of the carnival (St Mary MacKillop College is Lane 2)

Overall Placings

Junior Boys 4th Junior Girls 2nd
Senior Boys 6th Senior Girls 5th
Overall Boys 5th Overall Girls 3rd


5th Place

Age Champions

U13 Female Madeline Harvey – 2nd
U14 Male George Thompson – 4th
U15 Female Violet Reynolds – 4th
U/16 Male Taye Wright – 3rd

Best Individual Results

Age Distance Stroke Div Name Place
U13 50M F/S DIV III Olive Reynolds 3rd
U13 50M F/S DIV II Macey Bird-Atkinson 2nd
U13 50M F/S DIV I Madeline Harvey 1st
U14 50M F/S DIV III Celeste Lee-Perkin 3rd
U14 50M F/S DIV III Riley Thorpe 3rd
U14 50M F/S DIV II Sam Rolfe 3rd
U14 50M F/S DIV I George Thompson 3rd
U15 50M F/S DIV I Violet Reynolds 2nd
U15 50M F/S DIV I Carson Webster 2nd
U16 50M F/S DIV I Taye Wright 3rd
U17 50M F/S DIV II Asha Hughes 2nd
U17 50M F/S DIV I Rylee Williamson 2nd
OPEN 50M F/S DIV II Tenille Pavlinovich 2nd
OPEN 50M F/S DIV I Indiana Hill 3rd
U13 50M BR/S DIV II Macey Bird-Atkinson 2nd
U13 50M BR/S DIV I Madeline Harvey 3rd
U14 50M BR/S DIV II Jamie-Lynn Potts 2nd
U14 50M BR/S DIV I Nicole Aquino 3rd
U15 50M BR/S DIV II Gabrielle Christie 3d
U15 50M BR/S DIV I Carson Webster 3rd
U17 50M BR/S DIV II Evie Campbell 3rd
U17 50M BR/S DIV I Rylee Williamson 2nd
OPEN 50M BR/S DIV II Tenille Pavlinovich 2nd
U13 50M B/FLY DIV I Madeline Harvey 2nd
U14 50M B/FLY DIV I George Thompson 3rd
U15 50M B/FLY DIV I Violet Reynolds 3rd
U13 50M BA/S DIV II Macey Bird-Atkinson 2nd
U13 50M BA/S DIV I Madeline Harvey 2nd
U14 50M BA/S DIV II Riley Thorpe 3rd
U14 50M BA/S DIV I George Thompson 3rd
U15 50M BA/S DIV II Ella Mullally 1st
U15 50M BA/S DIV I Violet Reynolds 2nd
U16 50M BA/S DIV I Taye Wright 1st
U17 50M BA/S DIV I Isabelle Triffitt 3rd
U13 4 x 50M F/S RELAY DIV I Madeline Harvey, Macey Bird-Atkinson,
Olive Reynolds, Sophie Heathcote
U15 4 x 50M F/S RELAY DIV I Violet Reynolds, Ella Mullally,
Samantha Hill, Mia Hughes
U17 4 x 50M F/S RELAY DIV I Isabelle Triffitt, Rylee Williamson,
Asha Hughes, Kaitlyn Taylor