Curtin UniReady at MacKillop

Curtin UniReady at MacKillop

This month, one of our first students to complete the Uni-Ready course in Year 12 last year finished her first semester studying Health Sciences at Curtin University – and she’s loving it!

Imogen Tolley spoke to us about how studying Curtin Uni-Ready, offered in Busselton ONLY at MacKillop, helped her find a way into university - and also prepared her for studying at this level.

"I always wanted to go to university, but relying on ATAR courses to get me there just wasn't going to work for me. Without this course, I would not be where I am now."

While studying General courses at school, Imogen was able to get a "head start on academic writing" and referencing through the Uni-Ready course. "You don't get as much guidance at university as you do at school, so having prior knowledge on how to approach assessments and exams has been so helpful".

While other first-year uni students struggled with their first assignment or with referencing, she already had the skills to jump right in. "I constantly use techniques I learned in the Uni-Ready course."

This is great news for our current group of Uni-Ready students, who are finding their workload manageable and predictable, with more independent learning and less test conditions compared to ATAR level courses.

“I feel more prepared for university,” says Ellie, “especially in referencing and formatting academic papers.” Ellie chose the course to enable her to gain entry to Nursing or Health studies at university, alongside General English and Human Biology as well as ATAR Maths. Nick has combined Uni-Ready with ATAR Maths, Accounting & Finance as well as General English and Business. He likes that it brings his academic writing up to university level, without the pressure of passing ATAR English.

Donovan, on the other hand, is studying ATAR English alongside a Cert II in Sport & Recreation, as well as Photography and General Human Biology. He wants to go to uni, and although he’s still unsure whether he’ll study sport or media, he says at least he feels better prepared to cope with university studies.

Matthew and Kai are both looking to study business after graduation, and hoping to do this at university level, despite only doing one or two ATAR courses. Matthew says he finds the Uni-Ready course easy to follow and understand the requirements, while Kai says the small class size gives them more time with their teacher.

Uni-Ready teacher Mr Matt Dodgson agrees that the course is well-constructed and also encourages an adult learning environment, where submission schedules and formal communication on the Blackboard platform is required. “This certainly sets the tone for university expectations, and it has been great to see the students find value in that.”

For more information about qualifying for the UniReady course, download the information booklet from the College website, or contact our Head of Senior School, Mr Tony Papasergioa.