Manufacturing Industry Studies at MacKillop

Manufacturing Industry Studies at MacKillop

The Manufacturing Industry Studies Pathway at MacKillop is designed to give students the best platform to gain employment, apprenticeship or further study opportunities in a variety of trade areas.

Selecting this pre-designed pathway for Year 11 and 12 enables students to graduate from the College with English, Mathematics and RE, while completing Certificate II courses in Building & Construction, Furnishing and Engineering Pathways. They gain their White Card and First Aid qualifications, as well as Working at Heights and Fire Awareness Training. They also accumulate 220 valuable work placement hours through the endorsed VET component.

We asked our MIS students why they chose this pathway for Year 11 and 12:

“I chose the MIS pathway to get my foot in the door for a trade, as well as being able to complete a bridging course for university.”

“I wanted to do something hands-on, and this course would help me gain knowledge and decide what I want to do in the future.”

“I wanted to do pre-apprenticeship things that could help me get a job after school, and still finish Year 12.”

When asked where they hoped to take these industry skills and experience, our students had a variety of answers, including a job in the auto-electrical field across mine sites, an apprenticeship as an electrician or in the automotive industry, and as a “really good back-up plan”.

Students currently in the MIS program said that the best thing about taking this pathway at MacKillop has been “the opportunity to try different job areas and see what we enjoyed before committing to an apprenticeship in that area. It also gets my name out there when looking for an apprenticeship.” “I’m doing things that will help me get a job at the end of the year, but still be able to have those school experiences.”

For more information about the MIS Pathway at MacKillop, contact Mr Matthew Harslett, Vocation, Education & Training Coordinator.