Duke of Edinburgh

The College is an Award Unit for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, the world’s leading youth achievement and self development award.

This means that students from Year 10 now have the opportunity to complete The Duke of Ed Bronze Award by recording their service activities, physical recreation and other skills achieved outside of school hours. The award has benefits for job and scholarship applications and WACE graduation, as well as helping you to increase your confidence, set and achieve goals, improve your health and wellbeing and make a real difference to society.

Registration for the Bronze Award is $125. Achievement of this award is endorsed by the Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority which assigns five points, or the equivalent of one unit to your WACE record. It is a highly valued addition to your CV and can give you an edge over other applicants in competitive scholarship and funding grants. Email Ms Sandra Smith for more information and to register your interest.


minimum age to commence 14 years
time commitment 6 months minimum
choose an activity for EACH Section below: Continuous and regular (minimum 1 hour per week or 2 hours per fortnight over the time requirement) predominantly out of school hours.
Physical Recreation 3 months
Skill 3 months
Service 3 months

PLUS an additional 3 months in ONE of the above Sections

PLUS one Adventurous Journey Qualifying Journey: 2 days + 1 night
Plus at least one practice journey
(same time frame, using the same mode of travel)
goal setting requirement and achievement Participants need to set their own challenges and goals before starting
an activity or Section, and aim for these goals throughout their Award journey. Achievement of an Award is assessed by looking at the Participant’s journey to achieving their goal in each of their Sections.
minimum age to finish 14 year 6 months
maximum age to finish Before 25th birthday