ACC Cross Country 2018 Results

ACC Cross Country 2018 Results

On Thursday 31 May athletes representing St Mary MacKillop College boarded the bus at 5am in order to compete in the ACC Cross Country in Perry Lakes, Perth.

At the carnival there were 67 schools competing, with an average of 330 athletes in each race. The girls completed a 3km course, while the boys ran 4km around Alderbury Reserve.

All our athletes performed to the best of their abilities and we were very proud of their efforts in this challenging event. Only schools that entered a minimum of five runners in each age group for both boys and girls events can qualify for the overall trophy. St Mary MacKillop College finished a very impressive 12th place out of 34 schools that qualified.

Overall Girls – 13th out of 34 schools
Overall Boys – 13th out of 34 schools
Overall Combined: 12th out of 34 schools

All athletes should be commended for their behaviour and enthusiasm on the day. Special mention and thanks to students who attended the carnival as reserves, and then competed in a higher age group to complete our team numbers due to injury and illness These students all performed exceptionally well in the higher division. Thanks also to those senior students who juggled representing the College at this carnival with study for their exams.

Thank you to the following staff for giving of their time to accompany, encourage and organise the athletes: Mr Paul Culnane, Mr Andrew Culnane, Mr Mark Taylor, Miss Morgan Stark, Ms Lauren Mirco, Mr Miles Armstrong and Ms Sandy Smith.

The top three results for each age group are listed below, and all team and individual results can be viewed on the ACC website.

TOP THREE RESULTS (per age group)

Eliza Fuller U/13 Girls 12:20.58 41st
Kara Haynes U/13 Girls 12:36.24 52nd
Selina Kelly U/13 Girls 12:53.55 78th
Felicity Watson U/14 Girls 12:28.49 34th
Alix Ness U/14 Girls 13:18.00 90th
Abbi Jasper U/14 Girls 13:30.84 110th
Lily Regan U/15 Girls 12:16.21 35th
Ashlee Jarvis U/15 Girls 12:21.04 43rd
Amber Conlon U/15 Girls 13:18.78 99th
Lucy Hill U/16 Girls 11:39.41 14th
Sophie Stratford U/16 Girls 12:32.16 43rd
Shona Kiely U/16 Girls 13:36.17 117th
Ella Du Preez U/19 Girls 11:45.24 14th
Sailor Townsend U/19 Girls 13:00.80 57th
Hannah Armstrong U/19 Girls 13:25.81 79th
Jasper Humphry U/13 Boys 15:42.22 35th
Lajon McDonald U/13 Boys 16:11.55 63rd
Brayden Gorbach U/13 Boys 16:28.46 90th
Jeremy Rolfe U/14 Boys 15:08.67 28th
Kai Barnard U/14 Boys 16:07.21 87th
Finn Barrett-Lennard U/14 Boys 16:18.98 98th
Harris Craig U/15 Boys 14:33.96 24th
Kelly Harding U/15 Boys 15:23.87 77th
Nathan Jarnicki U/15 Boys 15:28.01 82nd
Cody Wilkinson U/16 Boys 14:27.49 24th
Luca McGuiness U/16 Boys 15:38.36 101st
Blake Cann U/16 Boys 15:38.36 104th
Beau Haynes U/19 Boys 13:18.15 21st
Courtland Wood U/19 Boys 13:45.66 44th
Benjamin Znidarsich U/19 Boys 14:06.85 63rd