Primary Assembly 6RC: What a Pun-derful World

Primary Assembly 6RC: What a Pun-derful World

Room 19’s assembly was based loosely on the novel Wonder. Instead of a strange kid entering a class of "normal" students, it was about a "normal" kid entering a whole class of weird students. Mr Ryan’s Year 6 class are a very humorous bunch who make puns about everything!

Act 1: June (Jordan Hills) is overwhelmed by the weird students in his new class. He makes a friend, Theo (Theodore Moran), who claims to be “normal”, and joins the ‘months’ table, meeting December, May, August and February.

Act 2 - Literally Literacy: A grammar lesson brought Grandma (Callum Synnot) on stage, while Miss Steak (Alice Lucas) came out to help the students with editing, and June won the spelling bee, literally!

Act 3 - Matt Hematics: Mr Clark (Charlie Gilmore) fumbled through a lesson about graphing, interrupted by a great ruler, King Charles Henry William IV (Lachlan Baron) and epic battle between Axe Y (Liam Kelly) and Axe X (Rebecca Cook) - one of the more popular skits for sure. Theo loses his patience and declares that we have all LOST THE PLOT!

Act 4 - We're all Weird and That's Cool: The teacher asked students to write in their diaries, prompting Moo-nique to respond with, "Did someone say Dairy?" - ending an "udderly ridiculous" day in Room 19. Mr Clark dashes off to go surfing, while Theo and June acknowledge that their class is full of weirdoes, but it is cool to be weird.

The assembly ended with an adaption of Louis Armstrong's classic What a Pun-derful World. The lyrics really captured the theme of acceptance and being individual.

It was a remarkable assembly full of laughs and a good message. The audience found the costumes amusing, while switched-on older students appreciated the puns.


Pre Primary – Cadence McKay, Jack Yeomans, Kaylee Francis, Luke Foster, Nash Amour

Year 1 – Aria Clarke, Mitchell Baker, Sabina Peradilla, Myah Lewis

Year 2 – Jack Muntz, Evie Bennett, Keira Thomas, Ciara Miller

Year 3 – Matilda Doherty, William Page, Ellie McGinlay, Neve Foley, Austin Palmer, Xavier Hendratno, Thomas Schilders

Year 4 – Emily Cooper, Nathan Miles, Amara Trovato, Beau Bennett, Lani Godfrey, Mitchell Cranfield, Ruby Guthridge

Year 5 – Isaac Snaddon, Charlotte Maag, Keoni McDonald, Bradley Baker, Laura Donachie, Janae Snaddon

Year 6 – Ava Simpson, Beau Olden, Shelby Schilders, Maclaine Franklin, Amelia Bates, Jordan Hills, Indiana Snedden