2019 Swim Carnival results

2019 Swim Carnival results

Well that’s a wrap for our 2019 Swim Carnivals and what amazing days they were in their own way. Students in the Year 5-8 Carnival produced an atmosphere of fun and participation, while the Senior Carnival was a day of enthusiasm and celebration. The involvement of staff, parents and students of all ages made both carnivals memorable.

McCormack once again took an early lead and held it throughout both days, despite a strong second day from Kelly with high participation in the senior year groups. Russell House was presented with the Spirit Award and commended for their enthusiastic cheering and support of their team throughout the 5-8 Carnival.

Madeline Harvey broke all four Year 5 Girls records set for the first time last year, while George Thompson almost managed the same in the Year 6 Boys. And Maddison Johnston-Walker left only the freestyle records still standing for the Year 11 Girls by the time she finished her day in the pool.

Congratulations to McCormack House for winning the 2019 Swimming Carnival. It was fantastic to see Houses committed to getting competitors into each race. This is a credit to the House Co-ordinators and Student House Leaders.

HOUSE Day 1 Points Day 2 Points TOTAL POINTS
McCormack 1858 1398 3256
Kelly 1677 1514 3191
Russell 1627 1094 2721
Kirrane 1319 1308 2627


Year 5 Girls Madeline Harvey Macey Bird-Atkinson
Year 5 Boys Alexander Du Preez
Oliver Snedden
Reilly Johnston
Year 6 Girls Nicole Aquino Brylee Snaddon
Year 6 Boys Zane Kelly
George Thompson
Beau Johnson
Year 7 Girls Sabella Banks Violet Reynolds
Year 7 Boys Rhys Ferguson Finlay Foley
Year 8 Girls Lillia Triffit Heidi Thompson
Year 8 Boys Noah Bates,Taye Wright Dustin Hedley
Year 9 Girls Rylee Williamson Isabelle Triffit
Year 9 Boys Zac Beers Ethan Lauro
Year 10 Girls Tenille Pavlinovich Madeleine Christie
Caillin Thompson
Year 10 Boys Marc Luis Aquino Liam Mills
Year 11 Girls Maddison Johnston-Walker Lauren McGregor
Year 11 Boys Angus Johnston-Walker Ryan Van Den Berg
Year 12 Girls Beige Harris Niamh Jury
Year 12 Boys Nathan Bell Charlie Plester


Event Gender & Year House New Record Name
50m Freestyle Yr5 Girls MCCO 36.02 Madeline Harvey
50m Breaststroke Yr5 Girls MCCO 49 Madeline Harvey
50m Backstroke Yr5 Girls MCCO 44.38 Madeline Harvey
25m Butterfly Yr5 Girls MCCO 18.03 Madeline Harvey
50m Freestyle Yr5 Boys KIRR 39.75 Alexander Du Preez
25m Butterfly Yr5 Boys KIRR 22.78 Alexander Du Preez
50m Breaststroke Yr5 Boys KELL 53.63 Oliver Snedden
50m Breaststroke Yr6 Girls KELL 48.9 Nicole Aquino
50m Breaststroke Yr6 Boys MCCO 51.71 Zane Kelly
50m Freestyle Yr6 Boys KIRR 37.43 George Thompson
50m Backstroke Yr6 Boys KIRR 49.5 George Thompson
25m Butterfly Yr6 Boys KIRR 20.16 George Thompson
50m Breaststroke Yr9 Girls KIRR 39.23 Rylee Williamson
50m Breaststroke Yr11 Girls MCCO 38.26 Maddison Johnston-Walker
50m Backstroke Yr11 Girls MCCO 34.15 Maddison Johnston-Walker
50m Butterfly Yr11 Girls MCCO 31.33 Maddison Johnston-Walker
50m Butterfly Yr11 Boys MCCO 28.34 Angus Johnston-Walker
100m Freestyle Yr12 Girls KIRR 1:04.84 Beige Harris