Shave for a Cure

Shave for a Cure

Like many other people, I have family and friends who have lost their hair during chemotherapy treatment. I am always inspired by their courage. I was contemplating having a significant hair cut at the end of the summer holidays so I thought, why not raise some money at the same time. The World’s Greatest Shave which is happening over the next week, raises funds to support those with blood cancer and their families.

Deciding to participate in the shave was the hardest part. Once I had made the decision it was just waiting until the day. I was a little nervous but everyone’s support and kindness made it quite an enjoyable experience. It was wonderful to have family, friends and the students and staff gather around me at lunchtime and cheer me on.

Mrs Lauro, my trusty assistant, tied my hair into lots of ponytails which she then cut off. Holding a small ponytail of my hair was quite surprising. However, it wasn’t until the clippers came out and cut off my fringe that it finally felt real. It does feel quite strange not to feel any hair on my face but getting ready in the morning is now much quicker! Seeing myself in the mirror is still a bit of a shock but my family, friends, teachers and particularly students have been so kind and told me that it looks great and that I’ve been brave. Who knows, maybe I’ll keep it short. Quite a few students said they would like to do it next year. If they do, I’ll be cheering them on.

People have donated online to my page on the World’s Greatest Shave website and put cash into my money box here at school. I have raised about $1800 so far but you can still donate for the next couple of weeks if you would like to support such a great cause.

Our school motto is Choose Life with Courage. This was just my small way to be a bit courageous.