Year 7 AFL: Eagles Schoolboys Cup

Year 7 AFL: Eagles Schoolboys Cup

On Tuesday the 25 June, the Year 7 AFL team represented the College in the Eagles Schoolboys Cup at Hay Park in Bunbury.

It was a fantastic day for football even though MacKillop was given a tough fixture, having to play six games in a row without a break. The boys took this in their stride, however, and showcased some fantastic fitness, skills, camaraderie and teamwork to have a very successful day.

The Year 7 team managed to beat GMAS, Mother Teresa and Mandurah Baptist College, however they lost narrowly in games to BCGS, Bunbury Catholic College and Mandurah Catholic College.

I was so impressed throughout the day with how the boys went about their footy. The strength shown in the forward line, back line and midfield was fantastic to see, with too many excellent individual efforts to even start naming players. I could not believe how well the boys played together as a team. It actually blew me away. The skills shown in the wet, their toughness around the contest, the versatility, exceptional sportsmanship and excellent spirit that all members showed throughout the six games made me very excited to see how far this team can go in future years.

A huge thank you to the parents who came and supported the boys on the day, as well as Ms Hammond for helping to organise the day and drive the bus. I can’t wait for next year!

Best Forwards: Jordan Hills, Aiden Lovejoy-Roesner
Best Defenders: Ry Iriks, Tomas Marsden
Best Midfields: Sam Holtmeulen, Hamish Andrews

Mr Ben Horrocks
Year 7 AFL Coach