Students Represent Youth in Local Panel Discussion

Students Represent Youth in Local Panel Discussion

During the holidays, two students from our Student Council were invited to participate in a community panel discussion that centred around the viewing of a documentary called ‘The Need to Grow’. This award-winning documentary brings together inspiring stories from different walks of life, and explores the opportunities and struggles of challenging the status quo with real world solutions.

Year 11 student Madeleine Christie and Millie Jasper in Year 8 watched the documentary and then joined a panel which included Mayor Grant Henley, University Lecturer in Bio Diversity Patrick Prevett and Permaculture practitioner Julie Howes. We asked Madeleine to share her experience:

"In January this year, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to attend a public viewing of the documentary ‘The Need to Grow’, and take part in a panel discussing soil degradation of our local region.

Many likeminded people of our community discussed the impacts farming practices such as the use of insecticides, pesticides chemical fertilisers have on our natural surroundings. This really opened my eyes to the damage we as a society are doing without even fully realising it. I was able to get an insight into new projects the Busselton Council are planning or already have underway regarding the environment, particularly the Vasse River, which will benefit our community. Having the opportunity to take part in an experience like this allowed me to involve myself in the Busselton community, and know that I can make a difference."

Madeleine Christie, Year 11