Year 10 Football Carnival

On Wednesday 5 August, 50 students travelled down to Hay Park, Bunbury last week for the Year 10 Eagles Schoolboys Cup and the Year 10 Girls Fremantle Dockers Cup competing for superiority amongst a number of schools in the South West Division.

Kindy classes explore sounds of the digeridoo

Mrs Bayliss and Miss White’s Kindy classes enjoyed a visit from Mr Chris Narkle this week, who brought along his didgeridoo to demonstrate the various sounds that can be made from this traditional Aboriginal instrument.

Students in Kindy have been learning about Aboriginal Culture this term.

Music therapy for dementia patients in Busselton

Students and staff at the College have teamed up with the local Rotary Club on a project aimed at using music therapy to improve the lives of Busselton's dementia patients.

Studies have shown that favourite tunes can stimulate memory, calm the mind and spark conversation.

Year 8 students making music in Science

The Year 8 Core Physics classes have been very creative in exploring the physics of sound and sound waves recently.

Students investigated how sound was produced by the four main types of instruments (aerophones, chordophones, idiophones and membranophones). They then chose an instrument and researched its origins, materials and design, as well as how the sound is produced.

T-shirt artwork a winner for National Tree Day

Year 10 MacKillop student Eleanor Brown recently had her artwork selected as one of three winning t-shirt designs to celebrate National Tree Day this year.

Students across Australia were invited to create a simple black and white artwork that reflected what trees mean to them.

2020 Sun Smart Schools Tennis Classic

The 2020 SunSmart Schools Tennis classic was held on Friday 6 March at the Bunbury Tennis Club. The event this year had a record number of schools and teams competing in the day. The College had four teams competing consisting of a senior boys team from Years 10-12, a junior girls team and two junior boys team from Years 7-9.

Year 8 Solar Car Challenge 2020

Year 8 students - Dean Pasquolotto, Jiazhen Wu, Owen Murphy and Ryan Deacon - competed in the Solar Car Challenge in Bunbury on Tuesday 17 March. Over a dozen teams from schools in the South West attended.

The MacKillop team was chosen from three Year 8 teams, who each constructed a car to compete for the opportunity in an in-house race-off at lunchtime on Friday 13 March.

Primary Assembly and Awards 3RT: our FIRST values

Mr Thomson’s Year 3 class presented their Assembly on Friday 13 March on the topic of the College’s FIRST values. They took the time to explain what it means to value Faith, Inclusion, Respect, Service and Truth, and presented a song to demonstrate each one.

Year 2LT celebrates Harmony Day

Mrs Thomas’ Year 2 class worked on creating a Harmony board this week in anticipation of Saturday’s Harmony Day.

They read a story together and then each student completed a design to represent their uniqueness.

Harmony is about recognising each other's gifts and talents and thinking about how to work in a harmonious and collaborative way, as inspired by the Gospel.